Door Mansour Alj

Door Mansour Alj

There Door Mansour Alj city of Meknes,Morocco, which oversees the Place el-Hedim. Founded by Moulay Ismail, construction, and to finish his son Moulay Abdellah approximately 1732 m. This section is characterized by the enormity of his standards including built slot height of 8 meters, also accounted for a picturesque motifs carved on a ceramic mosaic and multi-colors.

Door Mansour Square Ahudam Alj located east of the old city. It is one of the greatest doors Casbah Ismailia, founded by Sultan Moulay Ismail in the late seventeenth century, and then renewed ornament son of Sultan Moulay Abdallah the year 1144 AH (1732 AD). To date indicate a piece of green tiles installed at the front door and started their numbers Alphabet (Damascus) .. d. M = 40 u = 1.000. S = 100 and the sum of all is: 1144. It is the house of my hair which reads as follows: Do you like me and Recht "Damascus" and Artificial hands in Sanaa Dibaja was designed by engineering the door a European engineer, added his nickname "Alj" to the door name.

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