Ak Orda

Ak Orda

The Ak Orda Presidential Palace

The Ak Orda Presidential Palace (in Kazakh: Ақорда, Aqorda, literally "the white horde") is the official residence and place of employment of the President of Kazakhstan. It is located in the capital Astana.
Located on the left bank of the river ISIM, it is also home to the presidential administration staff.


The building was built in three years and officially opened in 2004. It was built by Mabetex group, founded by Behgjet Pacolli, the third President of Kosovo and the 1st Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo. The gold color is placed in particular relief throughout the complex and twenty one types of marble were used for the floor models.
The building, from the rather boxy shape, is topped by a blue and gold dome with a spire. This golden spire atop the dome includes a sun with 32 rays at its peak and even an eagle flying under the sun. It has the record for the world's highest presidential palace with a height of 80 meters (including the spire).
The Ak Orda Presidential Palace


The first floor comprises an entrance hall, a hall for press conferences, gala room, and winter garden. The second floor includes offices, while the third floor is used for international events, and includes several rooms (the Marble Hall, the Golden Hall, the Oval Room, Oriental Room, built in the shape of a yurt, and the extended negotiations hall) . The fourth floor includes another hall, a meeting room for the Government of the Republic and the library.


The monumental government buildings built by reinforced concrete. The facade is made of Italian marble is mainly determined by the large windows. The exterior cladding with marble is between 20 and 40 centimeters thick. On the roof of the building a large blue and gold dome connects, on a golden tip is attached. On the top of this peak, a golden sun is with 32 sunrays; it also includes a steppe eagle, which is located with outstretched wings below the sun. These two symbols can be found on the Kazakh flag again. At the height of the fifth floor of the Kazakh national emblem is seen on the roof and about a flagpole with the Kazakh flag is mounted.
The Ak Orda Presidential Palace

The total height of the peak is 80 meters. The Ak Orda Presidential Palace consists of five levels, of which the ground floor has a height of ten meters and the four remaining are only five feet tall.
Inside the palace is located on the ground floor, the large foyer. It includes features granite floor an area of ​​1800 square meters. The first floor of the building includes a ballroom for official events of the president, a press conference room and a conservatory. [1] The second floor is fully utilized as office space. In the third floor there are several rooms for different occasions. One of these rooms is the Marble Hall. This is to sign documents during official visits, used for summits of the President with foreign heads of state and government or even for awarding state awards. A further is the Golden Hall, which is used for non-public meetings the President of Kazakhstan with foreign guests. In the fourth floor there is the domed hall for meetings of summits of the President of Kazakhstan with representatives of ministries and departments, political parties, movements and intellectuals of the Republic of Kazakhstan. [1] There is also the conference room and the meeting room, a library and other offices.

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