Angkor Wat is the main attraction for visitors in combodia

Angkor Wat temple complex is located in the area of ​​Angkor in Cambodia, built by King Serfarman second at the beginning of the twelfth century to be the official temple of the state and its capital. He is now the only temple in the region, which is still a center of religious significance since it was established thanks to the best care they received them; where he was a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Vishnu, then became Buddhist temple. Angkor Wat is a genuine example of the art of Khmer architecture, has become a symbol of Cambodia appears on the national flag, as well as being the main attraction for visitors in the state.

Angkor Wat combines two designs between the main temples in the art of Khmer architecture are: the Temple Mount and the corridors of the temple, which was built later, and inspired by the art of the ancient Hindu architecture in South India, including prominent landmarks such as the Hindu verses. Angkor Wat is designed to represent Mount Meru, home of the gods in Hindu mythology. There are three corridors rectangular one above the other inside the moat surrounded by an external wall surrounding the temple with a length of 3.6 kilometers. And it stands five towers in the center of the temple on a lotus flower shape. Angkor Wat is addressed to the west Unlike most of the temples of the region, and scientists disagree on what that means. The consistency and the grandeur of its construction and sculptures scattered highlights the style of the guardian spirits that adorn the walls of the temple to make the focus of people's admiration.

 The history of the temple:

Angkor Wat is located just 5.5 kilometers north of the town of Siem Reap, modern, and just a short distance southeast of the former capital, located in the heart of Temple Pavon. This area is filled with Cambodia a series of important archaeological buildings, Angkor Wat is located specifically in the far south of the main sites in the Angkor area.
It designed the temple for the first time and was built in the first half of the twelfth century during the reign of the second Serfarman (reigned 1113-1150). The original name of the temple is known for its lack of any foundation stone in the temple, and contemporary inscriptions that time refers to the temple. Maybe he was known as the "Farah Vicnolok" on the main gods name. It is believed that the construction of the temple after the death of King shortly ended just some of the notable sculptures unsatisfied, Angkor was looted after 27 years of the death of King  in about the year 1177 by the traditional enemy of Altchams Khmrien. Recalled afterwards the new king Jayavarman VII Empire, and founded a new capital and Akhtar Angkor Thom temple official, then Bayon Temple, which lies a few kilometers to the north.

But the temple is not well known in the Western world, but in the middle of the nineteenth century for publishing memoirs French explorer Henri Maot trips in which he stated:
"It seems that one of these temples, which competes with the Temple of Solomon had built by Michelangelo's Last Old, perhaps take an honorable position beside the more our buildings beautiful, it is the most luxurious than anything left to us by the Greeks or the Romans, and it appears antagonism sad barbaric situation that plunges its people now."

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