Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis Dubai

Atlantis Dubai is a huge tourist hotel complex is located in Dubai, opened in impressive and a huge ceremony at a cost of US $ 20 million in the November 20, 2008, a project by South African entrepreneur Sol Cairns. The hotel is located on the Palm Jumeirah at the checkpoint north of the island. It can be reached through the underwater tunnel on the railway line. It costs up to 1,200 million dollars. The hotel is a form of two towers connected by a bridge, the hotel has 1,539 rooms, the most expensive suite with a dining table with 18 seats, located above the central arch of the building cost about $ 25,000 per day. Most restaurants carry Michelin stars. Also includes an aquarium and a variety of other recreational amenities, guests can swim with dolphins training. Treasures, wrecks and other things (artificial) belonging to the legendary sunken continent of Atlantis can be viewed from under water through roads and yards behind the glass, which is a tunnels and underground passages.
Atlantis Dubai


  • The "Atlantis, The Palm" hotel the first hotel in the world carries 8 Star
  • Extends "Atlantis, The Palm" resort, the most prominent teacher on The Palm Jumeirah, on an area of ​​46 hectares, the equivalent of 64 football Wembley area, what the seashore, which runs the length of 4.1 kilometers.
  • It means a team consisting of more than 100 members with marine life at the resort, including many of the water park staff, veterinarians, and even chefs.
  • Expanding the city water games for more than 5,000 people per day.
  • The resort has 21 special marine basin in the rooms lost "Lost Chambers."
  • The resort has 27 rooms for treatment at the health club.

  Fish world:

Is the resort is home to more than 65 thousand of marine life, including including Anchovy fish, small fish stingrays and fish Alorpamia, fish moon jellyfish, and plants nettle sea, Eel moray, giant squid, and crabs, fish bat, snapper, and the thickness of grouper, The thickness Altrevalaz golden, piranha fish, the thickness of the lion, fish and anemones, and Aljruper giant fish, and fish Damcilz blue, fish and manta ray, fish and sun.
Atlantis Dubai

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