Big Ben

Big Ben

Big Ben

Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of 13.5 tons at the apex of the Elizabeth Tower, the clock tower of the Palace of Westminster, which is the seat of the British Parliament (Houses of Parliament) at the Londres.Seules people living in the UK can visit Big Ben, after obtaining a autorisation.Le building faces the Thames between Westminster Bridge (Westminster Bridge) and Westminster Abbey.

  Origin of the name:

Big Ben

Initially, the real name of this bell is The Great Bell (the "great bell"). The origin of the name Big Ben is uncertain. One of the most popular theories about it refers to the one who ordered the casting of the bell, Benjamin Hall, a civil engineer and politician, whose nickname was Ben, which was very large (Big), we the called "Big Ben". Another theory refers to the nickname instead of a boxing champion Ben Caunt who has acquired fame through a combat sixty rounds bare knuckle against Nat Langham, the defending champion, the year the name of the bell was the heart debates.


A fire devastated a part of the Parliament building in 1835. Following this event, a committee is set up to choose the new style of the building. The plan that won this great contest is that of Charles Barry which inter alia incorporate a clocher.La first bell was manufactured in 1856. To be able to carry up the clock tower, it is installed on a wagon pulled by 16 horses. She lunges few months after installation, a second bell is then molded to the Whitechapel foundry April 10, 1858. In October of the same year, the bell was moved 61 meters to the belfry tower in 18 hours. On 31 May 18595, the famous clock enters service.

Bin Ben

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