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Cathedral of Brasilia

Cathedral of Brasilia

Metropolitan Cathedral Our Lady of the Apparition of Brasilia in the capital of the Federative Republic of Brazil is a work of the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer dedicated to Our Lady of Aparecida.
This hyperboloid structure with a diameter of 70 m, obtained by assembling 16 columns of 90 tonnes each, represents two hands reaching towards the sky. Its underground entrance is flanked by four giant statues of the Evangelists; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John on the left and on the right. The cathedral was consecrated May 31, 1970.


Cathedral of Brasilia

It projected by Oscar Niemeyer, with structural design engineer Joaquim Cardoso, was the first monument to be created in Brasilia. Its foundation stone was planted on September 12, 1958 and its construction was completed on May 31, 1970, when only 70 m diameter of the circular area were visible.Its structure was ready in 1960, and only appeared circular seventy meters in diameter area, of which sixteen concrete columns (pillars of parabolic section) a hyperboloid rose in format, weighing ninety tons.
On May 31, 1970 was inaugurated de facto, and with transparent external glass. In the square access to the temple are four bronze sculptures three meters high, representing the Evangelists; the sculptures were made with the help of the sculptor Dante Croce in 1968. In the interior of the ship are the sculptures of three angels, suspended by steel cables. The dimensions and weight of the sculptures are 2.22 m in length and 100 kg lower; 3.40 m in length and 200 kg average; and 4.25 m in length and 300 kg greater. The sculptures are Ceschiatti Alfredo collaboration with Dante Croce in 1970.This hyperboloid structure is built of concrete, seems with its glass roof open reaching up to the sky. The draft Niemeyer Cathedral of Brasilia was based on the hyperboloid of revolution, where sections are asymmetric. By itself, this structure is the result of sixteen identical assembled concrete columns. Each column has a hyperbolic section and weighing 90 tonnes, the set represents two hands moving skyward. The cathedral has four bells donated by Spanish residents in Brasilia in 1968. These bells were cast in Miranda de Ebro, Spain.
Cathedral of Brasilia

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