Gateway of India

Gateway of India

Gateway of India

Gateway of India (and originally called the All India War Memorial), located in the path of the Raj in New Delhi, is 43 meters high, towering gates. Independent National Monument, which was formerly called the Kings. It was designed by Sir Edward design Lutens. The monument inspired by the Paris arc Troymf. It was built in the early 1 9 31. Originally known as All British rulers of India War Memorial who built this monument to the memory of those who were 90 000 of Indian soldiers in the British army in World War I and the Afghan wars were killed. Engraved with some 13,300 soldiers and officers from the United Kingdom, including the names of the soldiers, at the gate. It is made up of red and yellow sandstone monument amazing.
The completion of the Gateway of India when it engages in front of the statue of George V was installed at a later time during the British rule in Coronation Park with other statues. Now instead of a statue of George V, only one umbrella as a symbol that stayed the whole time.
After India's independence, India has become the Indian Army gate only from the site of the tomb of the unknown soldiers. It has been installed Joan Amar Jyoti under the arch. Here in the memory of the Unknown Soldier, and punished a soldier gun cover on the four corners that always burns a flame. Prime Minister and three annually in Joan Amar Jyoti to pay tribute to Prime flowers army circle dead. India Gate name carved on the walls of thousands of martyrs and foremost written in the English language are:

"To the dead of the Indian armies who fell honoured in France and Flanders Mesopotamia and Persia East Africa Gallipoli and elsewhere in the near and the far-east and in sacred memory also of those whose names are recorded and who fell in India or the north-west frontier and during the Third Afgan War."

  History of the site building:

It was built by the architect Edwin [Lutens] to commemorate Indian soldiers including the army of the dead British India during World War II and afghanes1 wars between 1921 and 1931.
The names of soldiers who died during engraved on the walls of these wars. Since 1971, there's Joan Amar Jyoti flame burns eternal soldier.


The India Gate is situated so that many important roads in rayon. Car traffic around the India Gate was very important until the roads are closed to the public due to terrorist threats.
The style of the door, in the form of an arch, was inspired by the Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile in Paris.
Gateway of India

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