There Punakaki area on the west coast of the South Island in New Zealand, which are popular because of the rocks that resemble pie, Falcthren of travelers curious to visit this place to see the land of surrealism, they are the result of many years of disintegration overwhelming, you can get some wonderful pictures all over the place because of the high tide, water, and a starting shot high in the air, so it is a tourist destination is very popular, and the rocks of the pie is corroded rocks hard limestone, was discovered by a number of winding lanes through the rock formations, and parts of the wheelchair-carved, and there can take a trip on a horse in order to see all the beautiful landscapes, and you can also take a boat in the river to watch the sunset on the stunning West Coast, or you can swimming, windsurfing, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, and enjoy good food and coffee
Nature began this work of art about 30 million years ago. Over thousands of years, alternating layers of small marine creatures and sand became buried and compressed on the ocean floor. This created areas with multiple layers of hard limestone and softer sandstone. Earthquake activity then lifted the ocean floor high and dry, and those slow motion artists - the rain and the wind - began to erode the softer sandstone. The outcome is cliffs and ravines with hundreds of horizontal slices along their vertical faces, like huge stacks of pancakes.

Gaze in wonder at Pancake Rocks and vents of Punakaiki, where water column swoop skyward from stones that look like giant stacks of pancakes.
In many places, inside the cliffs, narrow airshaft created by rain united to horizontal tunnels created by the blows of the ocean. Today, at high tide, ocean waves throw themselves headlong into increasingly narrow tunnels and require large amounts of water and compressed air to launch into the air through the vertical wells. This created a landscape whistling, lively and phenomenal that regularly issues saltwater geysers. In a heavy swell westward, this creation of nature is a very impressive sight.
A well-maintained path to the pancake rocks passes through a forest before emerging in coastal areas of flax and scrub. The trail allows to admire the magnificent views of the mountains inland, the rugged coastline and the main attraction, the pancake rocks and vents. Information panels along the way help you understand what you admire. The best time to visit this site is at high tide.

  Town of Punakaiki:

"The small population of the West Coast Punakaiki welcomes tourists who come to admire the famous pancake rocks and vents you will find a great choice of accommodation, hostels and host families not to mention self-catering apartments;. There also many eating places and museums. the local organizers offer horseback riding, rental canoes, caving, guided walks and rafting.
Practical information: Population: 70, Conservation Department of the tourist center, limited shopping. "

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