Sky Tower

Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is an observation and telecommunications tower in New Zealand, located in Auckland on the corner of Victoria Street and Federal Street. The tower, built in 1997, is 328 meters high, measured from the bottom floor to the top of the mast making it the largest freestanding building in the southern hemisphere. Because of its shape and height, especially when compared with other high-rise buildings, it is a striking landmark in the skyline of Auckland.
Sky Tower


It is located at Sky City Auckland complex in the city center, on the corner of Victoria and Federal streets, and has three viewpoints that the public can access, from which stunning views of Auckland are obtained and surroundings (the view on clear days reaches a distance of 82 kilometers, reaching even the Coromandel peninsula), and two restaurants (also at the top) and with the possibility of jumping from the tower itself, yes, tied to two cables stretched between one of the viewpoints and the floor (what is known as SkyJump, where the daring throws from a height of 192 meters). Therefore, Sky Tower has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Auckland, receiving about 700,000 tourists every year.

It measures 328 meters high and is at the beginning of 2009 the tallest structure in the southern hemisphere. Construction began in 1994 and, after two years and nine months, was inaugurated on March 3, 1997.

The tower structure is a reinforced concrete frame twelve meters in diameter at its base reinforced by eight brackets also reinforced concrete attached to the frame by a concrete ring. The foundations measuring fifteen meters deep.

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