The Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial is an Australian national memorial dedicated to the memory of all members of its armed forces and supporting organizations who have died or have participated in the wars of the Commonwealth of Australia. It is located in Canberra, capital of Australia.


It is located at the north end of the Earth's axis of honor of the city, which extends from the seat of Parliament to Capital Hill to the summit of Mount Ainslie cone northeast. The road that connects the two points is not continuous, but obviously there is a view from the terrace of the Parliament to the war memorial, and the steps of the War Memorial to Parliament.
The Australian War Memorial


The memorial was opened to the public in 1941.
November 11, 1993 to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War I, an Australian Unknown Soldier cemetery exhumed from Adelaide (nl) of Villers-Bretonneux (France), is buried in the memorial space. On the coffin in Blackwood (hardwood native Tasmanian forests) were placed a bayonet and a sprig of mimosa gold, national floral emblem. The vault is covered with a red marble slab on which is engraved in gold letters "An unknown Australian soldier killed in the war of 1914-1918." The slab is fixed in a recess of black granite, symbolizing the tomb in the earth.
The Australian War Memorial


The memorial consists of four main elements: ANZAC Parade, a memorial space, a memorial and a sculpture garden. The memorial space and monument are open daily until 5:00 in the afternoon except Christmas Day. The ANZAC parade and the sculpture garden are open continuously. The memorial features an extensive national military museum.

The Australian War Memorial

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