Turning Torso is a skyscraper

Turning Torso is a residential skyscraper height of 190 meters, the 54-floor is located in the Swedish city of Malmo. It is the highest residential building in Sweden and second in Europe (opening day), the design of Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. Opened on August 27, in 2005 after four years of construction. He won the Mipim Award (MIPIM) in the construction exhibition in Cannes (France) for the best residential building in the world. The Museum of Modern Art entered the building, designed by Santiago Calatrava among the 25 most beautiful skyscrapers in the world.

The tower is located west of the port of Malmo, near the bridge over the Straits of Oresund, which connects Sweden with Denmark. The building is located in an urban area deteriorating, which will be updated, from an industrial area obsolete, to the residential area, which included facilities for leisure and shops close to the city center is Ribersborg Beach.

Because the construction surface coil (which wraps around itself), Valusbandh a double curvature (for example, a curvature of the cylinder and one ball while it may Anhnaian), this makes construction and built extremely complex. Facade composed of glass and aluminum, has passed several laboratory tests to resist air and water leakage. Insulation work according to Swedish rules.
Interfaces made up of 2800 and 2250 Panel window. The curved surface of the glass plates is flat. Each cube is covered with 300 plate.Installation of paintings very complex task, because the joints between the panels must be very precise.
In order to give the spiral shape of the building, Valenuaz must tend to the inside or outside, depending on which side of the building are present. On the west side inclination is toward the inside, while in the east coast, it is to the outside. Vertical angle of inclination of the windows is from 0 to 7 degrees, and the horizontal angle are equal to about 6 degrees.

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