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Yucatán Peninsula

Yucatán Peninsula

Yucatán Peninsula
Yucatan Peninsula infested rivers and underground caves that are connected Balsenotat network, which can be described as natural groundwater wells.
Cancun (Mexico) - one needs to more than age to discover the magic of nature and the mysteries of the Earth and the civilizations of the peoples, so moving Amormon tourism today trips exciting more than comfortable holidays in luxury lodges rooms, Vamoamrh become the main reason that raises tourist travel and to enter into a new experience make him forget the routine daily and sends the magic of life.
Yucatan is a peninsula in Mexico, the largest in the Gulf of Mexico, are filled with dense forests, rocks, mountains, caves, hurricanes, and includes the major cities of Merida, the capital of Yucatan, and Campeche, the capital of the state of Campeche, and Broujriso Yucatan, the main port on the peninsula, and pay sinkholes charming formations in the Yucatan Peninsula tourists to visit Mexico.
The Alsenotat one of the leading Yucatan Peninsula features (Mexico), and rocky gaps are normal pits formed after the limestone collapse, which covers the groundwater, a private semi Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico phenomenon, overlooking the part of the first on the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico by else.
These sinkholes many tourists and attracts divers from all over the world, and the length of some 100 kilometers or more, and aspires lot of travelers and tourists love to dive, to be accessed, resulting in the increase in the number of tourists traveling to Mexico to visit the island.
The different features of shape and depth and aesthetic of the cenote to another, has been home to the former Mayan, and the evolution of its role gradually to become the day of the most important local and international tourism poles, as Yucatan Peninsula area of ​​at least 10 thousand Alsenotat include.
Yucatán Peninsula
The Yucatan Peninsula enjoys an international reputation for many reasons explain the stampede of tourists to the region, which is the second tourist destination in the country, after Mexico City. Remains the most prominent features is the richness of the Yucatan historical and archaeological heritage (similar to Chichen Itza, Tulum, Uxmal, Odzna ...) and Colonial (Merida, "the magical village", Campeche) who is the prestige and attractiveness of the Yucatan Peninsula.
The teeming Yucatan Peninsula rivers and underground caves that are connected Balsenotat, which can be described as natural wells underground network. Which can be seen clearly from the Mayan etymology of the word "cenote" which means "water cave."
Due geologic formation of a large number of these natural wells back to about 66 million years ago, when he collided with a meteorite land in an explosion equivalent to "several billion Hiroshima bomb explosion" -hsp "Vuotora Science" -, causing the formation Haksolob gap (nozzle collision volcanic name) .
The glow of many Alsenotat on the nozzle, the problem of a bow, the collision to basin formation has led contain underground water in turn, caused the formation of caves and wells and Senotat exist beneath the surface of this region. And hide the word "cenote" a vast and varied range of shapes, some of which is open toward the surface and toward the sky, and others are located under the surface of the earth.
While representing Alsenotat today a center for entertainment and recreation, they were in the past, sacred sites of the Maya. In addition to the scientific and historical importance, Alsenotat represent the main source of potable water for the Yucatan Peninsula, as was the home of "Chuck", the god of rain, and the sacrifices of the site dedicated to the gods of the underworld.
Yucatán Peninsula
Most dedicated Alsenotat today to entertain tourists, and also embraces diving activities. And it attracts the clear blue waters and the exceptional character of magician growing crowds of tourists, which generates huge profits on some local and international companies.
Among the most important Alsenotat we find Kankrkschi which is located in the south of Olmareda, Axima near the city and the village of Abla, a cave indulge tree roots in the land and waters. Cenote Kankrkschi and is one of the most important and beautiful sites Balaokatan. There are fifty kilometers south-east of Olmareda two sets of Alsenotat, the most important Kozama group consisting of three Senotat.
A Senotat this group is an amazing and wonderful cave, has a refreshing and clear water to swim out catfish fish. And keep swimming in the waters of this cave of the most beautiful tourist experiences and the most fun.

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