St. Peter's Basilica is "the greatest of all the other Christian churches."

St. Peter's Cathedral or the Basilica of St. Peter and formally known as the Basilica of St. Peter's papacy (Latin: Basilica Sancti Petri), a large church was built in the late Renaissance in the northern part of Rome and is located inside the Vatican City State today officially. St. Peter's Basilica is the largest church in terms of space, And one of the most venerated sites and Holiness in the Catholic Church, has been described by a number of critics as "occupies a prominent position in the Christian world", and as "the greatest of all the other Christian churches." In addition to being described by the beauty and consistency of the lines in the peak. "

Reason revered back, because the cathedral, according to Catholic tradition contain St. Peter's shrine, is located the shrine directly under the main altar of the cathedral, which is called "the altar of recognition" or "papal altar" or "the altar of St. Peter" .alkadis Peter is one of the twelve disciples and those close to Jesus, according to the Catholic faith Jesus had handed him the reins of the church management after him, and therefore Peter was the first Pope of the Catholic Church as well as the first bishop of Rome. Independent research conducted between 1940 and 1964 during the Habriat Pius XII points and John XXIII and Paul VI to the health of the Catholic tradition on the cemetery of St. Peter; Since built in the seventeenth century to bury most of the popes in separate shrines along the church or in the lounge, which located underneath, and that as a signal as the successors of St. Peter's symbolic.

  Planned for construction:

The construction of the Church of Constantinople has taken a spillover after twelve centuries to build, and despite attempts by Pope Martin V after completion of the split Ovengon restoration of the church, but the building has remained dilapidated. That was a primary motivation for the idea of ​​reform and expansion, Pope Nicholas V asked the architect Bernardo Rossellno developing new schemes for the restoration of the church and then asked him to later development of new construction plans in 1452, Rosolino was an engineer prominent was also entrusted with improving the architectural plan of the city of Rome, he was made Rosolino submit plans based on the shape of a cross Grecian equal arms, and then the transfer of about 2,500 pieces stone to start building from the quarries Rome, but Pope died after a brief period in 1455 had not completed the work only a little; successors Nicolas V did not care about the project or to pursue restoration of the church or reconstructed and played political unrest prominent role in it, until the pontificate of Pope Paul II, who asked the architect Giuliano da Sangalo initiate a study the previous charts and modified, however, returned Fjmd the project in 1471, the project remained dormant for three decades in which successively four popes were: Pope Sixtus IV ( 1471 - 1484) and Pope Innocent VIII (1484 - 1492) IV and Alexander (1492 - 1503) and Pius III (1503), is that the project has returned to trading again during the pontificate of Julius II.
ST Peter's basilica plan

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