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Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels is a Catholic church in the city of Cartago, Costa Rica. It is located at the place where, according to tradition, Juana Pereira, of the marginal district known as the Puebla de los Pardos, found in 1635 a stone image of Our Lady of the Angels, to which the population quickly attributed Of the many miracles.

In the place a small chapel was built, on which progressively superimposed over the years constructions of greater solidity and capacity. The church is elevated to the rank of minor basilica during the bishopric of Monsignor Anselmo Llorente y Lafuente.The great Cartago earthquake of 4 May 1910 ruined the church, which was replaced a few years later by the current large-scale building for the time in Costa Rica.

Byzantine style, the work is due to the architect Lluis Llach. The reconstruction began in 1912 and is now the main religious pilgrimage center in Costa Rica because of the festivities of the Virgin of the Angels every August 2.

Thousands of people come each year to Cartago in early August, by gratitude or to ask for favors to the Virgin of Our Lady of the Angels. At that date, and in accordance with a late 18th-century tradition, her statue was moved to the Cartago Cathedral, in the center of the city, where she stayed until the beginning of September when she returned to The basilica, with a procession called the "passage of the Virgin of the Angels".

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